Inspired by Your dreams






Natural Stone City has served over 12,000 families just like yours
since 1994.
Natural Stone City does not only supply you the best natural
stones but also cares for the entire work. The craftsmen
associated with our company are quite proficient in making your
home beautiful.
As far as the kitchen countertops are concerned, our workers will
install everything for you. Installation will be done with full
respect to your ideas and directions. So you will be able to
decorate the home in the way you like.
We have more than 100 colours of granite, marble and quartz.
Many of these stones are considered rare in the natural stone
market of Canada. The edge differences of the stones are also
varied in 10 categories.

Your ideas, Your vision, Our work !

We want to make sure we deliver the perfect countertops
to you by strictly following our 5 step process.

  1. Template and Precision

    – We use the best laser technology on the market
    to take accurate measurements of your countertops

  2. Stone Inspection

    – Expect only the best ! We inspect every slab before cutting.

  3. Layout and Design

    – Pattern, veins, bookmatching ? No problem! We take photos of each slab
    and we’ll setup the perfect layout by using a dedicated software.

  4. Cutting

    – after achieving the perfect layout our CNC machines will perform
    the cutting and polishing with no errors.

  5. Installation

    – This is the day! Our skilled and profesional installers will come and install
    your new countertops. Satisfaction guaranteed.