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Granite is the best known igneous rock found at earth’s surface. It is hard enough to resist abrasions, bears significant weight, sustains being outside and accepts a brilliant polish. Those are just a few of the qualities that make granite a perfect option for your countertops.
Granite’s natural beauty and elegance has no parallel, each new shipment of slabs brings a wide range of unique colours and patterns. Being that every slab is one of a kind, keep in mind that all samples may vary from each other and it’s almost impossible to match granite colours from 2 different shipments.

With over 100 colour options Natural Stone city offers the biggest selection of Granite slabs in Southern Ontario , from standard colours to Super Exotic Options. With slabs being directly shipped from Italy and elsewhere, we carefully select each of them keeping our customers in mind. You are more than welcome to visit our Warehouse to select your slab.

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Quartz is by far the most popular engineered stone. It is a manmade product created mostly from natural materials such as 93% ground quartz and 7% resins and pigments, combined into durable and non-porous slabs.
By varying their recipe and colour pigments, Manufacturers offer a large variety of colours and beautiful, modern patterns.
At Natural Stone City we carry a wide range of quartz in stock, as well as work with the best quartz brands in order to provide you with an army of options.
In addition to our in stock Modena Collection, we carry high end brands such as: Vicostone, Casarstone, Corian, Hanstone, Msi, Wilsonart, Quorastone, LG and Silestone.

* Being a manmade product, quartz is not recommended for fireplaces our outside applications due to high heat and sun exposure.

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Quartzite is another popular and durable natural stone that is similar to granite in its uniqueness and beauty. It is a metamorphic rock composed almost entirely of quartz and it’s formed when quartz-rich sandstone is altered by heat and high pressure.
Being a natural product with exciting patterns and colours similar to granite, the care and maintenance is very similar.

– Kitchen Countertops
– Vanity Countertops
– Fireplace Surrounds
– Outdoor Barbecues and Kitchens
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Natural Stone Questions Answered

Q: Are there different qualities of granite?

A: Yes, there are first quality and commercial grade. Commercial grades have more fishers and discolorations. Natural Stone City uses only first quality granite.

Q: Are there going to be seams at every angle in my kitchen?

A: We try to give our customers the cleanest look with the fewest amount of seams possible even if it means there will be more waste. (Don’t worry, we use scrap for small projects). In most cases, your kitchen will have one subtle seam at the sink where the surface area is smallest. Check out our testimonials to hear our customers’ opinion.

Q: How does color levels effect price levels?

A: Granite is typically separated into various categories based on colors: from base level granite colors to the unique exotic granite selections. These exotic granites offer “movement” or a distinctive pattern within the color. The combination of color and movement affects the final price of the granite or marble slab. The base grade granite colors typically consist of introductory granite selections. In fact most granite and marble companies do not offer popular selections in the base category. However, at Natural Stone City we have expanded our standard colors to include many of the popular and current fashion trends that are typically priced at higher levels. Come visit our show room in Kitchener which includes over 150 full sized pieces of granite slabs and marble slabs. See the granite countertops in a home setting at our London sales center located in the Oakseries Model Home at 6627 Navin Court in London, Ontario.

Q: Will adding granite countertops increase the value of my home?

A: Yes! Experts say that whatever improvements you do in your kitchen you will get back at the time you sell your home. In real estate, granite is a “hot button” with prospective buyers. Over the last few years we have had numerous customers install Natural Stone City granite or marble in their homes JUST to sell it!

Q: Is there any special way to maintain my granite?

A: Your natural stone counter tops are very easy to clean. Common household products will keep your stone looking beautiful for years to come. To prevent staining we recommend that you re-seal your counter tops every year. Natural Stone City offers this easy in home process and sells maintenance kits as well. Please see our complete guide to understanding your natural stone and how to maintain it.