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Granite countertops are nearly indestructible; natural stone surfaces are scratch, stain and heat resistant making for a perfect kitchen countertop surface.  You may cut directly on your new granite counter top; however, a cutting board is recommended to keep knives from becoming dull too early. Remodeling your kitchen using low maintenance granite has the highest return rate in added market value to your home.

Granite work surfaces are the #1 element to add to a home to increase its value.  There is no other solid surface material a granite kitchen countertop compares to in durability and cost for the natural beauty and the immeasurable value granite countertops bring to your home.

We’ve fabricated and installed gorgeous granite countertops all over Southern Ontario.

Brazillian Black Granite Countertops Color Banner Standard

This kitchen boasts Brazillian Black Granite Countertops.

Visit our Kitchener showroom or our for over 1000 granite, marble and quartz slabs to choose from and get inspired.

Granite Colours

Seeing that bathroom countertops are continuously wet from even the smallest task, using granite countertops for bathroom vanities is ideal. Granite being the least porous natural stone is not affected by sitting water for short periods of time.

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Natural Stone City offers full service kitchen and vanity granite countertops.  Take advantage of a free in-home estimate, which includes removal of your old counter tops and installation of your new granite countertops.

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