Marble Countertops | Marble Slabs for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Vanity

Marble Facts and History

Natural marble countertops are strong and beautiful, and are a timeless home accent. Marble is a metamorphic rock made out of limestone that has undergone tremendous pressure for very long periods of time. Due to its strength, it has been used in various construction projects for centuries.

Its beauty lead marble to become the favourite material of Roman and Greek sculptors and architects. Its extensive variety of colourful patterns made it a symbol of tradition and refined taste. It has also been used in thin sheets to cover the walls of churches and palaces in order to increase their looks.

At present, the uses of marble extend from kitchen and bathroom vanity countertops to pillars, stair cases, facing stone and many others. It is also used for more delicate arts, such as various home furnishing and as mentioned previously, sculptures.

We’ve fabricated and installed gorgeous marble species all over Southern Ontario.

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Marble Colours

The variety in colour can lend itself to any décor, from contemporary to minimalist to traditional. View Marble Colours

Marble Edge Profiles

The edge of a marble slab can be customized to one’s preferences, similarly to granite and quartz slabs. We offer 12 different ways to personalize the edge of your marble slab. View Edge Profiles

Marble Care

Marble countertops are more porous than granite countertops therefore, needing a bit more precaution. Citrus juices, coffee, or alcohol will etch or dull the marble surface. Avoid ring marks left by drinking glasses by using coasters. Protect your marble countertop by using mats under hot dishes and placemats under china, ceramics, silver, or other objects that can scratch the surface.

Wipe spills immediately. Clean marble surfaces with marble soap or a mild dish washing liquid soap with warm water; also, thoroughly rinse and dry marble countertop after washing. Do not use vinegar, lemon juice, bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, or tile cleaners on marble surfaces, as this will dull the natural stone.