Granite Kitchen Counters | Why Chose Granite for All Your Work Surfaces?

1) Granite is naturally beautiful with unique elegant textures and colors.

2) Granite is among the hardest countertop stone meant to last for life.

3) Granite countertops will resist extreme heat from kitchen pans.

4) Granite is scratch resistant and stain resistant with proper maintenance.

5) Granite is a very durable stone that requires little maintenance; seal twice a year and clean regularly.

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Unlike wood or plywood countertops, granite will never rot. Granite kitchen countertops are amazingly affordable and more than make up for the initial cost in terms of durability and ease-of-use and luxurious looks. Our large showroom in Kitchener, ON features different styles of kitchens from modern to antique to traditional. Visit us to see for yourself the 1000s of slabs we carry in stock.

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Granite worktops also add value to your property, especially in terms of resale value. You can very well find that those granite counter tops you are enjoying five years down the road can be a major selling point.

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